Discovering Your Magnetic Soul




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 Learn how to create the life you want by activating your magnetic soul. Shannon shares the secrets to attracting the life you want and becoming the person you want to be. Growing up in the 70s and 80s gave Shannon learned to live a life reacting to fear, worry, and regret. Her struggles with financial and emotional poverty resulting from events beyond her control led her to powerful and amazing breakthroughs and a new awareness that much that she learned as a child was founded in untruth. And she reclaimed her life.

Shannon has taken everything she has learned and broken it down into simple steps to reduce the learning curve and give you efficient strategies for growing yourself into the women you want to be.

This book is for women who may:

  • struggle with self-doubt, insecurity, self-confidence
  • have trouble setting boundaries
  • feel like the world is against them
  • know they are made for more

This book sets you up to:

  • be empowered and no longer feel less than, insecure
  • create the life you dream of
  • finally believe in yourself in a powerful, life-changing way
  • build strong, collaborative relationships with other women
  • manifest every desire of your heart

If you've felt stuck, unseen, unworthy, or any semblance of ongoing negativity...and you are ready to be over it, grab your copy and tap into your magnetic soul.  You can find the book on Amazon with this link!