Identity…all about who and what you are.  Yes, there are the bare facts…your name, your parents and family, where you grew up, your faith, etc.  
But for the most part, your identity is who you are right now.  Not who you accidentally stumbled into being, but who you choose to be.  
The values you hold, the thoughts you think, the feelings you feel, and the actions you take.  
You are who you choose to be, regardless of what is going on and what others are doing around you.
There’s a culture out there being embraced by many women right now.
A culture of settling.  A culture of “I guess this is as good as it gets”.
But you don’t have to embrace it.  
I refuse to.
Instead, I choose to stand in truth, empowerment, belief, and abundance.
It’s the things you embody daily.  
I know at times I have fallen into patterns of thought that seem to fit the status quo...”I’m a hot mess. Life is hard.” That kinda’ thing.

You see it everywhere.

Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Parenting is hard.

Peopling is hard. Mondays are hard. I need a drink.

 Notice anything about these thought patterns
They are disempowering. They are destructive. And they are seeds that only grow more of the same. 

I’m not discounting challenges and situations that need to be worked on and might feel heavy.  And of course, each challenge needs its own set of strategies, but of course those challenges are meant to be overcome and conquered.
You see, when our perspective is consistently one of negativity, self-pity, and looking outward for blame, we don’t even give ourselves a chance to bloom into the amazing women we truly are.
Yes, of course we need to address things that are out of alignment and not pretend everything is peachy when it’s not.  But that is the point.  Address it.   Fix it.  Change it.
Get it back in alignment…by first looking at what we are doing to create the misalignment in the first place. 
What are we thinking and focusing on?  What are we feeling?  Fear, worry, icky stuff?  What are we honestly expecting?
‘Cause it’s not about saying one thing and thinking something different.  As much as our words matter, we have to back up those words with good-feeling thoughts.  We have to create that vibration within us that tells the universe what we are truly expecting.  High vibes, Friends.
And then the universe will deliver a matching vibration.  I promise.
Look at your life so far…your expectations have been matched time and time again.
It’s time to raise those expectations.
What can we tell ourselves to create our true highest vibing identity?

 •I’m so excited to crush this week!

 •I’m so grateful for my kiddos! We are learning life together.

 •Life is an amazing thing. I’m so grateful for the opportunities coming to me right now.

 •Thank God for good friends. There’s nothing like those bonds and memories.
•Even these things that feel difficult are here to give me opportunities for growth and abundance.
Our identities are greatly impacted by our choice thoughts, feelings, and actions.
If you’ve felt stuck, I challenge you to make different choices in these things. You’ve so got this. 💕
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