• Chosen

    Those desires in our hearts were placed there by God, by our creator. Whether you want to travel the world, play a musical instrument, have children, eat at fancy restaurants, or lead the nation - you were chosen, personally picked to be the one who delights in those things.
  • Just say thank you...

    Maybe you struggle with believing you’re worthy. Maybe you can’t help wonder why they picked you. Or maybe you even have a low level feeling of mistrust, and you worry that they are testing you. ⁣
  • Who you talkin' to?

    What if the words you said to yourself consistently brought you more inspiration, more motivation and more reason to move forward in joy and anticipation, because the way you speak is organically tied to your deep roots of worthiness?
  • How do You Define Your Value?

    You have probably perpetuated your own sense of unworthiness through your programming.  That programming is from parents, media, the school system…but you can change it.  It’s not your fault.
  • Confronting Mr. Grumpypants

    I couldn’t just see someone’s behaviour as belonging to them.  It belonged to me.  It hung around my neck and dragged me down, and when something else happened I would add that one to the pile too.
  • Welcome to Worthiness

    I absolutely know what it's like to have deep feelings of unworthiness, so deep that they swallow up any moments of inspiration and spurts of motivation.