• Chosen

    Those desires in our hearts were placed there by God, by our creator. Whether you want to travel the world, play a musical instrument, have children, eat at fancy restaurants, or lead the nation - you were chosen, personally picked to be the one who delights in those things.
  • On Creating Future

    In order to break the pattern, we have to wake up and notice what we are doing...and venture into new unpredictable thoughts, feelings, actions, and situations to create that big life we truly want.
  • Who you talkin' to?

    What if the words you said to yourself consistently brought you more inspiration, more motivation and more reason to move forward in joy and anticipation, because the way you speak is organically tied to your deep roots of worthiness?
  • Radio Frequencies Matter

    You will quickly take in and assess things, stopping maybe too quickly before moving on, until you find the thing that is familiar, the thing you are looking for…and you will tune in to that thing and tune out everything else.
    And just because something is familiar does not mean it’s good for you.  Just because you know what to expect and have heard it before does not mean it will serve you today.
  • You don't want it BAD enough (not true)

    I had been hearing most my life from so many leaders, gurus and achievers the same message.  That if you want something bad enough you'll go after it.  And I kinda' bought in.  Because they knew what they were talking about, right?
  • Wanting it Bad Enough is NOT Enough

    Have you ever been told you don’t want it bad enough?  You have your ideas, your goals, your desires.   And you want them so bad you can feel it ...