• Are You Living with False Beliefs?

    You see, as children we are innocently set up with false, limiting beliefs.​
    And you know what, it's often no one's fault (although sometimes someone else has purposely created those beliefs for us). ​ It just is the way it is.​
    Through a series of interactions, events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours from ourselves and others, we are often rendered information that is skewed to create these beliefs.​
  • You Can Choose Joy

    Perspective is everything...and while it's important that we validate our emotions, it's equally important to check them. ​ To ensure that our emotions are validating us.​
  • How's Your Soul Power?

    It wasn’t till I recognized that one thing that I could pivot and breathe life back into my future. I made those adjustments, and from there I grew confident in my message and certain in my delivery...and everything clicked.​

    I believed my identity was me.  Or part of my identity was me.  And so in order to be in the good graces of the people or the establishment I was currently connected with or trying to impress, I would shift or curate my identity to match. 
  • You don't want it BAD enough (not true)

    I had been hearing most my life from so many leaders, gurus and achievers the same message.  That if you want something bad enough you'll go after it.  And I kinda' bought in.  Because they knew what they were talking about, right?
  • Just Freaking Manifest It Already

    You’ve probably heard the term Manifestation.  You probably have an opinion on it too.  Maybe you are all in, believing wholeheartedly in the pow...
  • 3 Lessons from a Green Apple

    Why is it so easy to say we want one thing and then settle for something else?  Whether it’s a supportive relationship and settling for one that brings you down.  Or an empowering job and settling for one that is demanding and draining.  Or a healthy body and settling for one that is sedentary, sore, and undernourished.  Or a business that is thriving and progressive and settling for one that may be busy but lacks joy, passion, or much profit.