• Abundance Ain’t Just a Buzzword

    I started to hear abundance in every motivational speech and every life coach's lesson.
    And I liked the word.   I liked what it stood for.  I liked that it challenged me to think in terms of not just a little, but a lot.  Having plenty.  Being bountiful.  I was given many opportunities to question old thought patterns and recognize that much (or pretty much all) of my life had been spent thinking in the opposite mindset: lack, poverty, scarcity.
  • 3 Lessons from a Green Apple

    Why is it so easy to say we want one thing and then settle for something else?  Whether it’s a supportive relationship and settling for one that brings you down.  Or an empowering job and settling for one that is demanding and draining.  Or a healthy body and settling for one that is sedentary, sore, and undernourished.  Or a business that is thriving and progressive and settling for one that may be busy but lacks joy, passion, or much profit. 


  • Wanting it Bad Enough is NOT Enough

    Have you ever been told you don’t want it bad enough?  You have your ideas, your goals, your desires.   And you want them so bad you can feel it ...