Success Vengeance: It's not really as good as it seems

If you think “they” will like you more when you drop 20 lbs, think again. ⁣
If you think “they” will regret what they said about you yesterday when you finally become successful, think again. ⁣
If you think “they” will think you’re cool when you reach X amount of followers, think again. ⁣
People-pleasing - needing to be accepted by everyone at almost any cost. ⁣💰
If you are insecure right now, feeling alone, frustrated and unworthy, and you think that getting the praise, attention, and accolades of someone else is going to finally give you the sense of belonging, love, and worthiness you are seeking, THINK AGAIN. ⁣
The thing is, all along you have thought you’re battling them. You have believed it has been people outside of you that have been fighting you. And so you’ve waged a war in your head of:
“Yeah, you think I’m fat? Wait three months and then you’ll see what you’re missing!”⁣
“So you think I’m a failure…well, I’ll show you that I can be super successful. And my success will be my revenge…”⁣ 
But do you see what’s not working here?⁣
The real battle and the ONLY battle you have to fight is the one of your new self against your old. Your new patterns of self-love, self-belief, & responsibility, against your old patterns of self-loathing, limiting beliefs, & shame and blame. 💕
When you take on that challenge you can not only release your people-pleasing habits today, you let future people-pleasing (imagining how they’ll react when they find out how much you’ve changed, grown, improved your appearance, love life, money situation, etc) go too. ⁣
Cause in the end who really cares if you’ve impressed the world…if you still can’t stand yourself?⁣😢
But if you work on developing yourself according to what you value and how you want to⁣ authentically show up in and for this world, it won’t matter to you what anyone else thinks. ⁣💪💪💪
You will give up the fight to win back the favour of those you perceive you’ve lost to.⁣
Because that battle is won by default when you win the war inside your own head. ⁣❤️
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