Radio Frequencies Matter

You know when you’re in a place you aren’t familiar with, and you’re looking for music on your radio because that’s what you’re used to and that’s what you know…so you start dialling up and down on the radio…and each time you hit on sound you make a quick stop to get a sense of what’s playing, then you keep dialling…until you hit upon what you’re looking for.
And you might not even like the station or the music you've tuned into, but it's familiar.  You've heard it before.  You've sung along and danced to it too. 
Same thing happens in life with the information you receive and respond to and the emotions you generate as a result.
You will quickly take in and assess things, stopping maybe too quickly before moving on, until you find the thing that is familiar, the thing you are looking for…and you will tune in to that thing and tune out everything else.
And just because something is familiar does not mean it’s good for you.  Just because you know what to expect and have heard it before does not mean it will serve you today.
What are you dialled into?  Cause it’s all there.  You can have what you want.  Whichever station you want is yours for the taking.  
But don’t pretend the good stuff (the optimism, the kindness, the uplifting, the inspiration, the opportunity, the money, the love) wasn’t there…and that the only choice you had was the familiar station that reminds you of what you lack.
Are you taking in the old, the familiar?  The stuff that once served you (even if it didn’t support you and your growth)?  Or are you willing to try something new?  Something that will serve you (and your goals) today?
And yes, sometimes there’s a storm, and the only thing available is static. But get through the storm, and it’s all there again, waiting for you to tune in. 
Your life will present many opportunities, many people, and many choices.  It’s up to you to decide what you want to tune into, what you want to focus on, take in, and become part of you.  The rest you can completely ignore by tuning out.
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