Maybe They're NOT Gonna Do it Anyway

Mama...there’s a lie out there. It says that your kids are “gonna’ do it anyway.” You will be kids?

Don’t believe the lie.
I’m in a few moms groups...and I’m reading so many posts about how kids/teens will do it anyway so we may as well make it easy for them. Uh uh. 
Family values. The things your family holds most dear.
We all have them. 
And we will all have varying combinations of family rules and expectations.
As families, we are different. And it’s no one’s place to judge.
We all prioritize differently. And that’s cool cool.
Like, I prioritize baths. 🛁 But I prioritize respect for self and others above cleanliness.  My family. My prerogative, right?
So I’m here to encourage you. When you set out on this journey of parenthood...yes, be open to growth and change of perspective. Be flexible.
But don’t ever feel like you need to compromise on the things you once considered important.
If you invest the time, love, and energy, you can be the most prolific influencers in your children’s lives. You can set an example they want to follow. You can make it easy for your kids to choose the lifestyle and values you exemplify.
Don’t believe you need to be accepting of all and everything. Just because your kid asks for it doesn’t mean they really want it.
They are often too young and their brains are too underdeveloped to know what they really want.
Help them respect your and others’ boundaries. Help them create boundaries. Show them that you’re not willing to submit to the parental peer pressure to just allow or promote behaviours no one is ready for.  How do they learn how to say no if they have no one modeling it?
Be their best friends. From the time they are young be available. Create expectations and consequences for all behaviours so they know what to expect. Be consistent and follow through, establish and reinforce trust.
There are always exceptions and I’m of course not covering those here, but I want to encourage all mamas that you get to decide how you raise your family, and if you don’t like how it’s going you get to change it. 
And I want to empower you and your children by reminding you that it’s not true that your kids are destined to “do it anyway” and you don’t have to just concede and accept that your kids will undoubtedly choose dangerous or compromising behaviour as some sort of rite of passage.
Communicate, ask questions, listen, go for drives, grab Starbucks together, laugh at their jokes, tell them how proud of them you are, make saying no to others easy for them...and give hugs generously.
In it together.

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