Just say thank you...

Do you ever feel really uncomfortable accepting praise, compliments, or even gifts?

Maybe you struggle with believing you’re worthy. Maybe you can’t help wonder why they picked you. Or maybe you even have a low level feeling of mistrust, and you worry that they are testing you. ⁣

All the silly stuff. Sister, I’ve been there. All the places. Everywhere. ⁣
It’s kinda like someone throws you a 🏀 ball. And before you even stop to hold, observe, feel the grooves, or play with the ball...you throw it right back. ⁣

You throw it right back. Maybe with a reciprocal compliment, maybe with a “pay it forward” action, maybe with a coy “oh, you shouldn’t have.”⁣

And instead of leaning into that compliment or that kind gesture, you push it away as fast as you can. ⁣

You push it away to avoid feeling. To avoid the discomfort that occurs when you hear the play in your mind...of worthiness vs. feeling so un. To avoid the chance that you might disappoint them or yourself when the “real you” is revealed. To avoid the expectation that you have to stay up on your game and consistently perform at that same level. ⁣


I get it. But I also know that the joy, recognition, and love we often seek can be found all around us. And sometimes God uses someone in your life as a vessel for those things to flow through.⁣

And guess what? When it happens you only have one little job. ⁣

It’s to just accept it. Without judgment or shame or analyzing or comparing or questioning or fearing. ⁣

And if you have trouble fully accepting it, that’s ok. ⁣

Start small. Start by saying “Thank you”. That’s it. Just thank you. ⁣

Don’t throw a compliment back. ⁣

Don’t try to pass the gift on right away. ⁣

Just accept. Let your spirit absorb the message. You are loved. 💕
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