Just Freaking Manifest It Already

You’ve probably heard the term Manifestation.  You probably have an opinion on it too.  Maybe you are all in, believing wholeheartedly in the power of your energy, your mindset, and your inspired actions.
Or maybe you think it’s all a load of hee-haw, and you base your life on only what you can connect to your five senses.
Or just maybe, you’re somewhere in between.  You’ve heard some amazing stories of how people have transformed their lives through manifestation, but you wonder if they’ve just had some good luck.  Or you think some people are meant to be more aligned with that sort of stuff, and so it’s easy for them to make things happen in their favor.
Well, all I can say is I’ve thought or said things that pretty much run the gamut.  I’ve believed, I’ve doubted, then believed again, but then wavered thinking maybe I’m not cut out for this upleveled, higher calling of life – to align my spirit and my mind with the desires of my heart to actually rise to my potential.
But Friend, that has shifted.  Shifted so rapidly.  Shifted so completely.  
Maybe shift is not the right word.          
Like, be aware of a new truth, recognize its value, and move in that direction.
We are always manifesting our lives.  Whether we’re getting what we desire or what we don’t desire, we are creating our reality with our thoughts.
Have you ever know someone who is constantly unlucky.  They never seem to get the job they want, they partner they want.   They miss out on opportunities and get left out of everything.  What else do you observe about them?  They focus on being unlucky.  They lament others who have it better than them.  They often see obstacles as a big middle finger to their lives, right?
And what about someone who seemingly has good fortune follow them?  They get the friends they want.  They go on nice vacations with their families.  They seem to have so much.  And they’re SO happy.  Guaranteed, these people for the most part are the people who notice others.  They appreciate and feel gratitude for their lives.   They turn obstacles into opportunities for themselves, and believe that life is happening for them and making way for more big beautiful miracles to happen in their lives.
It was normal in my upbringing to sit back and see what life would bring you.   It was normal to wait for good things to just happen, and then respond accordingly.  But living this way is disempowering.  It’s giving all control to things and people around us, rather than being aware of what we want and making it happen in two distinct ways.
Without going into too much detail, there are two things I have done to make the pivot in my life that has attracted beautiful relationships, accomplishments, and money.
And once I understood how to do it, the world made so much sense.
The first distinction was to recognize the power of an abundance mindset – embracing that the universe is ready, full, and intent on helping us achieve the desires of our hearts. Our hearts have these deep-seeded instincts to fulfill and the universe is set on helping us.
We have to believe this wholeheartedly.  Desire or want isn’t enough.  We have to believe and hold on to the vision and the beautiful senses connected to our vision.
Secondly, we have to take action, inspired action.  This action shouldn’t be hard.  It should be excitingly challenging, but not difficult because we have such strong belief and we are holding a vision.  The action we take is born from our desires and is aligned with the achievement goals we have set.
It really breaks down that simply.  It’s not a complicated, crazy thang.  
But it takes choice and commitment.
You’re already manifesting your life, whether you like it or not.  Why not make sure what you’re manifesting is what you truly desire?
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