If You Want Something You Have to STOP Chasing It

What happens when someone starts to chase you?  
Instinctually you take off, right?
You don’t know what’s going on, if you are in danger or not, but your instincts kick in and you run.
The same happens to much in life.
When we chase things they become even harder to get. And the thing that seemed close enough to grab now seems miles away.
You’ll see it this with relationships, with jobs, with customers, and of course with money.
Now, this isn’t to say not to go after your dreams and be willing to work hard for that which you want.   But this is to help remove the desperation, the pleading, the whining, the frustration, the self-pity, and the angst that often comes with putting the energy into yanking on the thing you want, rather than being the kind of person that that thing is naturally drawn to.
Because if you have to force anything to be with you, when the smallest chance to escape comes that thing will slip through your fingers.
When we chase after things in desperation, our energy sends those things into a frenzied flee.
Think of catching a fish – what’s easier?  To run into the river and grab a nice big trout before it sees you and shimmies away or to drop a line with a tasty treat that the fish finds irresistible.
I would suggest the latter is easier.  It feels lighter.  It feels organic.  It's fun.  And it makes sense.
But in order to be attractive enough to get the fish, the fisherman has to set him/herself up for success. Rod, bait, favourite spot – it all has to be thought out.  But once set up, the rest just comes naturally.
And this lesson can be applied to almost everything.
We have to be prepared.  Prepared for love.  Prepared for friendships.  Prepared for a career change.  Prepared for a new business.  Prepared for wealth.  
We have to get our minds right.   WE have to get our energy right.  When we put all of our energy into our attractor factor, we can lose the desperation and the need to control others and the way they respond to us.
We can stop worrying about repelling that which we desire.  We can stop putting energy into the chase and instead throw all of our energy into our magnetism.  
By emitting the high energy and frequency of someone who is prepared for blessings in their lives we become a beacon to direct the things we want into our lives.
This stuff works.  It really works.  It feels counterintuitive and strange, but focusing on our own growth, healing and betterment brings great rewards.
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