How to Create New Beliefs & Change Your Life

Belief is something we can grow. ​ It starts with a seed, then is nurtured through thoughts, experiences, interpretations, repeated.​
  • I've believed I was worthless.​
  • I've believed I was stupid.​
  • I've believed I wouldn't be missed if I were gone.​
  • I've believed I was not cool enough.​
  • I've believed I didn't belong...anywhere.​
  • I've believed I had nothing to offer.​
  • I've believed the world was working against me
  • I've believed I just have bad luck.
And those beliefs grew into doubt, lack, uncertainty, self-loathing, and so much pain. ​ They grew because I saw everything through the lens of those things. ​ ​
I interpreted conversations, events, and interactions as a broken girl who was not capable of interpreting things any other way...because the seeds were planted, and had grown deep roots, a tall trunk, and wide-reaching branches.​
And I still to this day wonder what was I hoping for?​
I guess I was looking at my outside world to convince me that I was worth something. ​ To notice me. ​ That I was funny. ​ And smart. ​ And empathetic. ​ And kinda' cute.​ 
But if I knew these things already, why wasn't I ok with being the leader? ​ Was I waiting for permission to love myself? ​ Was I waiting for agreement from others?​
I'm not sure when it happened, but I think it was a slow rollover...from victim to victor.​
But I decided at some point that I was going to love me. ​ I was going to show up for me. ​ I was going to believe I was worthy, I was important, and I deserved everything I want in life.​
And it was no longer about beating out the competition or proving myself to anyone. ​ ​
It was about recognizing my own responsibility in leading myself in self-love, and thus setting the stage for love from and for others. ​ ​
It was about connecting with others and understanding their vulnerability, rather than projecting negative thoughts on and from them. ​ ​
It was about acknowledging my shame, my pain, and turning it into my truth, my ​healing.
It was about whacking that tree down, and digging out the roots of doubt, lack, uncertainty, self-loathing, and pain, and planting new seeds.​
Seeds of self-love, belief, worthiness, high-vibration energy, and joy.​
And then nurturing those seeds in the best ways I know how including:​
  • consistently getting around like-minded people (online & off)​
  • reading/listening to personal development every single day (podcasts/YouTube/audiobooks)​
  • taking care of my body (nutrition/hydration/natural products)​
  • prayer/meditation​
  • being so kind to myself (I talk to myself a lot these days)
So Sister, just so you know, if you are hurting, you can heal. If you are broken, you can be whole. You can start your rollover from victim to victor now.
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