How Raising Your Frequency Can Benefit You Right Now

Have you ever met someone who just seems so alive? Does it seem like some people have more "life" than other people? It's true!
Our "aliveness" is measured in frequency (energy). The higher the frequency you emit the more alive you are, and the more people are drawn to you to reflect that frequency back to you.
So why would we want to have a high frequency?  If we think, believe and act on higher levels, it makes it easy to achieve higher level things with regards to relationships, goals, and other achievements.  It makes us much more suited to not only set ourselves up for those things but also to attract them to us.  
But it's very difficult to produce higher frequency lifestyle if our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours reside in the lower level space. Makes sense, right?
Higher frequency lifestyle benefits:
  • the more alive we feel
  • we make more valid relationships with others
  • we connect with our surroundings
  • easier to believe in ourselves
  • life becomes fun and more purposeful
  • our children have the best of us
  • we can achieve crazy goals
  • we can bless others
  • we live longer 
These are the kind of things we often see in successful people, who have chosen to elevate the quality of their lives.  When we invest in being fully conscious of our surroundings and what we subject ourselves to, we can create intent and follow-through for the things we have our eyes on.
There will always be people, events, and aspects of life that we cannot control. But it really is what we choose to do in response to, or despite those things that make us who we are.
Here are some ways that people can raise their frequency:
  • smiling
  • eating real (and even better, organic) food
  • staying hydrated
  • spending time in nature
  • sunshine
  • prayer, meditation
  • personal development with books, videos, and or audio books
  • laughing till your belly hurts
  • being in a state of gratitude
  • being around people you love
  • giving
  • goal-setting and achieving
  • exercise
  • diffusing or applying essential oils
There are thousands of ways to raise your frequency, but you get the picture.  It takes effort, but each of the above-mentioned things brings both short-term and long-term benefits, when done as part of a lifestyle.
On the other hand, these are ways that people can lower their frequency: 
  • coffee
  • smoking
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • electronic devices
  • eating junk food
  • listening to depressing music
  • watching negative programming on TV
  • gossiping
  • getting injured
  • feeling anxious
  • being scared
  • having low self-confidence
  • toxic relationships
Most of us have dabbled in some, maybe many of these low frequency things, and you may have noticed how diving deeply into some of them can have a profound effect on your joy, self-esteem, and motivation.
As we are collectively facing a global crisis, and all dealing with stress, loss, and fear on varying levels, it’s important to point out that there will be a natural inclination to watch more tv, drink more coffee, eat more junk food, and listen to negative sources for news and information. 
There isn’t any way to eliminate it completely, and that really is ok.  And let’s be honest, even in a time of complete peace and security, we are not chasing perfection here.
Instead of feeling like you have to eliminate all things that bring your frequency down, think about ways you can mitigate the negative effects by adding in more things that boost your frequency, so you can take a little control back and produce some healthy results for yourself and your family, despite what’s going on around us.  
Go for a walk, get some sun, diffuse some citrus oils, listen to some fun music and dance your face off for a while.  
Friends, this too will pass.  In the meantime, take really good care of yourself.  
What are you doing today to bump up your frequency today? 

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