Have you ever dyed your hair and HATED it?

Yesterday my daughter headed back to university (boo).  And before she left I took a selfie with her, to which she stated, "Please DON'T post that!!"

Although that's a request I hear frequently from my kids these days, this time it was a little different, so I dug a little.  Turns out, the new hair colour she had done a month back, she now hates.  And there on the doorstep she let me know that every time she sees a picture of herself lately she feels not herself.  She feels dark, washed out, and  absolutely can't stand the colour of her hair.  To the point where she hasn't enjoyed herself as much as she usually would and...that really bummed me out.

But it made me think of myself and many women I know.  We make a choice, then get stuck in it.  We think that because we invested time, money, and energy into that choice, that we have to stay with it.  We go out for dinner, don't like the taste of the food, but then keep eating it so it's not wasted.  We make a friend, and even when they stop being supportive, stick with them because of loyalty and history.  We buy of pair of pants in 1999, and think we have to wear them today just because they aren't falling apart yet.

But let's think about it.  The reason we spend the time, energy and money is to enjoy the journey we are on.  To take pleasure from it, and when it stops serving us, isn't it ok to let it go, to pivot into something else?

So I told her to fix her hair...like Sister, go get happy with your hair!!

I like to think of it like trying to get across a river.  We take steps and hop from rock to rock.  And just because we get to the rock in the middle, we don't say, "ok, I took the energy to hop on this rock, so this is where I have to stay."  No, we keep stepping and hopping to the next rock until we cross the river.  And even if we thought we'd only need to step on three or four rocks, maybe we actually had to step on ten in order to get to the place we wanted to be.

So on your hair journey, it's ok to cut your bangs, only to start growing them back on the way home from the salon.  And on your pants journey, it's ok to give away a perfectly good pair of pants if they don't suit you anymore.  And on your friendship journey, it's ok to let a friend go if your relationship no longer gives you what you look for in a friendship.  And on your job journey, it's ok to find a new job after 25 years and a loyalty pin, if you are no longer inspired, challenged or excited at that job.  And on your business journey, it's ok to drop that network marketing biz you've been struggling with and move into something that lights you up and feels more rewarding.

You're walking across a river, and each step adds up in your favour.  Don't feel like you are stuck on a rock that you don't like...just hop to the next one.  And you will get where you are going, I promise.

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