Are You Living with False Beliefs?

I tell this story often because it has come to be a huge lesson for me...​
When I was a little girl, I heard an old wives' avoid tickling babies' feet, with the reason being that if a baby's feet 👣 were tickled it would cause them to stutter when they grew up.​
Ok, I'm not sure when I first heard this.​
I'm also not sure if it was told to me as a joke or as some sort of form of superstition.​
Regardless, it was an idea that implanted itself in my mind.​
And for the next 20-ish years, I avoided tickling babies' feet - ​at all costs. ​ Even when I was tempted, I resisted the urge.
My fear of impairing a little child was enough to make me think twice whenever I interacted with a baby.​
(are you laughing yet?)​
And then one day, my boyfriend at the time, now husband and I were interacting with a young family with a baby.​
Ron, in his playful way, was making the baby laugh when suddenly to my horror, he went for the baby's feet. ​
In my quest to defend the baby and right this wrong, I quickly corrected him by sternly stating, "Ron! ​ You can't do that - the baby will stutter when he gro....."​
And I stopped.​
What on earth was I thinking?​
What on earth was I saying?​
Whatever it was sounded so ridiculous.​ 🤠
And in that moment I called out something I had thought was true almost my entire life.​
In that moment I crushed a false belief.​
Isn't it crazy? ​ Isn't it so strange that someone (and I consider myself intelligent, aware, and logical) could believe something so utterly silly and false?​
And then, in trying to protect, I actually tried to pull Ron into my false beliefs too - so whack.​
Yep, it is strange...but not uncommon at all.​
I guarantee that's just one of several false beliefs I held for a long time that had to be called out and then crushed.​
You see, as children we are innocently set up with false, limiting beliefs.​
And you know what, it's often no one's fault (although sometimes someone else has purposely created those beliefs for us). ​ It just is the way it is.​
Through a series of interactions, events, thoughts, feelings, and behaviours from ourselves and others, we are often rendered information that is skewed to create these beliefs.​
Whether it is an innocent joke that was misinterpreted, to a more serious interaction that left us with a negative story we keep repeating in our heads, if you were to actually call out the belief and look at it objectively, you could probably very well scoff at the ridiculousness of it.​
Then you could crush it, eliminate it, and make room for a different belief that empowers, enriches, and inspires.​
My story about the baby only highlights how easy it is for our minds to adopt a story that defies logic, a belief that makes no sense, and then carry it for years, allowing it to dictate, deter, and distract from the beauty, wonder, and abundance that's trying desperately to flow to us.​
I have held several other beliefs that parallel this one...only these beliefs were personal and paralyzing on a higher level.​
I am learning to do the same thing to those beliefs that I did with the old wives' tale.​
👉 Call it out (maybe even giggle at it).​
👉 Crush it.​
👉 Replace it.​
Do you have a belief you can call out, crush, and replace right now?​
I'd love to hear it!​
xo, Shannon​ 💕

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