Are Affirmations a Waste of Time?

Affirmations.  You hear them talked about at personal growth seminars, in books, around any self-help minded people.
So what are they?   Generally, they are simple positive statements declaring specific goals in their completed state.  They are used in the practice of overcoming negative thinking and creating new positive subconscious beliefs to replace negative ones.  They encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves and how we fit into the world. They are also used to help us create the life we desire, attracting the things we are focused on having, often wealth, health, love, and happiness. 
So do they even work?   Or are they a waste of time?
Of course they work.   But in my experience they only work as a one of several tools in a tool belt of self-understanding and personal growth.
And it is important to realize that words alone will do little.
I’m all for speaking life over things; being positive and avoiding making negative projections about life and my future.  Yes, I believe that words matter, and that what we say manifests.
However, I also believe that words can be empty, and just saying some nice words and hoping goals are achieved…it’s just not enough to move the needle of your life.
So, if you have some big wants, some big goals in your life (and I hope you do), you need a few more things to help nurture those seeds of desire.
Here’s what I suggest:
1.  Get clear on what you want.  Write those goals down.  And read them out loud everyday.  Decide you will not only say your affirmations.  You will believe them.
2. Recognize that you are using your affirmations to rewire your brain.  You are using conscious language to teach your brain how to unconsciously think about yourself.Be aware of your thinking, and recognize when a damaging thought enters your mind.   Consciously dismiss it, even if you have to speak out loud by saying, “I do not accept that thought.” And make way for your affirmations to flow through again.
3. Now this one is huge, and people neglect it to their detriment all the time…you need to feel.   You need to make a connection between your goals and the feeling of achieving the goals.  So rather than merely speaking the words, attach feeling to your affirmations.  Put yourself in a mind movie where you see yourself attaining that goal you are affirming and feel the joy, the excitement, the warmth, or whatever relevant emotion of achieving.
4. Create opportunities in your day to work on yourself.  Find professional development that reinforces the thoughts and beliefs you are choosing to adopt in your life.  Whether it’s a book, and audiobook, a podcast, or video series, make time in your day.  You will notice a difference in your rate of development.
5. And lastly, take action.  Your affirmations will be realized if you choose to move forward in belief.  We are often fighting ourselves when it comes to personal growth and strengthening our minds.  So one of the best ways to support the changes you want to see is to actually take physical action toward your goals; to get behind yourself and take action that proves to yourself you truly believe in those things you are verbally affirming.
Using affirmations as a part of your daily personal growth protocol takes some discipline, but it’s not hard.  Find a routine that works for you, find ways to prioritize yourself, whether it’s in front of your mirror, in your car, meditating in your basement, or another spot.   Just take the time for you – you’ve got this!
If you’re looking for some affirmations you can use on a daily basis, check out my free Rise Affirmations List here!

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